I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Stanford 

working in the Computational Imaging Lab

led by Prof. Gordon Wetzstein.


My research interests lie in artificial vision and machine intelligence.

I design systems and algorithms using ``unconventional" vision sensors and processors to give machines some understanding of the world around them.


I like to think that cameras, as we know them today, are ``just'' symptoms of humans trying to reproduce with a device the information they feel they see. Thus, I like to think they are many other (and better) ways to sense visual information that could be more useful than producing images if the goal is to endow machines with some level of perception.


I am interested in novel sensors coupled with processors that can produce other kinds of visual information than "conventional" cameras. I like the idea of designing vision systems down from the understanding of physics and the transduction of light in silicon up to the development of algorithmic frameworks that can exploit the peculiarities of these new vision devices.

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