Unconventional Sensing and Processing

for Robotic Visual Perception

Half-day workshop @ IROS 2018

October 5th, 2018, 14:30-19:00

Prof. Tobi Delbruck


In the last decade, the developments in material technologies, lithographic processes, and assisted VLSI design techniques has enabled the conception and fabrication of new visual sensors and processors. These devices provide new ways to sense and transform visual information, thus bringing immense advantages for a variety of applications, for instance: to capture fast motion, to image in wild lightning conditions or to capture the three-dimensional structure of a scene. Concrete examples of such unconventional visual sensors and processors include Dynamic Vision Sensors (DVS), Light-Field Cameras, Multi-Spectral Imagers, Near-Focal Plane Sensor-Processors, and many others.

These sensors call for new algorithms that exploit the nature and the new format of the information they report. On the application side, the integration in robotic systems of these sensors with these novel algorithms is needed. This workshop aims at building a bridge between the communities involved in a) the design of such unconventional sensors and processors, b) the design of new algorithms to equip them with ``intelligence" and c) the robotics community that can benefit from their use.


In this workshop, we bring together top speakers from these three communities and ask them to showcase their technology in interactive demonstrations, accompanied by short inspiring talks.