• Julien Martel

Live demonstration @ISCAS2018 and 2nd Best demo award

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Yulia and I presented our live demonstration at ISCAS in Florence: "An Active System for Depth Reconstruction using Event Based Sensors"

Despite the lack of light, which did not allow us to display nice images coming from the APS part of our DAVIS sensors, the demo worked pretty well! (Thanks to the DVS pixel which, fortunately features very high-dynamic range). Our demo accompanies our paper: "An active Approach to Solving the Stereo Matching Problem using Event Based Sensors", it features a laser deflected by a 2-axis galvanometer equipped with mirrors. We "scan" a scene with random laser pulses at known frequencies. These laser pulses generate contrast changes whenever they shine on a surface in the scene. Those are captured by two calibrated DVS that generate event blobs which can be trivially matched thanks to the high temporal resolution of the sensors. No need to calibrate the laser (this is not structured light) and no need to perform an expensive search or expensive computation to match stereo pairs.

For the second year in a row we got the 2nd place in the Best live demo competition!

The demo session was nicely organized and had a lot of success, once more! After about 4h of presentation, and explaining our demo to many (many) people (and losing our voice --once more), the live demo jury awarded us with a best-demo award! We are extremely thankful to all the members and hope to come back at ISCAS 2019 with another nice piece of work in order to maybe (and finally) secure the first place!


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